The People's National Park

Most of our seven National Parks are nature depleted - they are ecological

shadows of what they could be.

They should be teeming with wildlife and placed at the heart of the government's plans to solve the extinction crisis and climate emergency. So it's time we all created an eighth national park, the People's National Park, where wildlife is welcome and doesn't have to contend with pesticides. This project invites anyone who has land, be it a garden, a farm or window box, where pesticides aren't used and which is welcoming to wildlife, to add their plot to the map and become part of the People's National Park. We want to build a community of people wanting to help nature recover, to show where wildlife corridors are needed and to emphasise the need for our National Parks and SSIs to be cared for properly. If the government won't do it then we need to show them how. We are starting here in South Devon and letting it spread countrywide.

So, please include your patch on the People's National Park map. If you can agree to cease the use of pesticides on your garden and to try and provide food, water, shelter and space for wildlife, simply click on the button below to go to the People's National Park map and drop a People's National Park pin (it will appear as a bird's head symbol like the one above) on your patch to show your support. In the pop-up box that appears you can add a name and details your patch. If you would like to go a step further and map your patch onto our more detailed habitat map click on the button at the bottom of the page.

The Fact

UK gardens alone account for over 1,000,000 acres, a land area more than 4.5 times larger than all the National Nature Reserves put together.

Together, we can create the UK’s largest nature reserve - with just good will and a little effort.

The Vision

We envisage a network of local voluntary groups creating an ever-growing mosaic of habitats, whether gardens, fields, orchards, woods, balcony gardens or even window boxes, all displayed on publicly accessible online maps collecting valuable data about our wildlife.

The Beginning

To start the process we have created a pilot scheme in the South Hams with the intention of creating a model that voluntary groups across the UK can copy and adapt to make their own. In the long term all these maps and the pictures and stories that go with them will be made accessible fom a single website and presented as the People’s National Park.

How to Help

Simply add your patch to the People's National Park, and agree:

  1. To cease the use of pesticides.

  2. To provide water, food, shelter and space for wildlife

  3. To consider, in addition to the above, adding at least one element from the list below to your wildlife-friendly patch:

  • Nectar-rich flowers

  • Bird feeder

  • Nestbox

  • Wild area

  • Bug house

  • Hedgehog hole

  • Log pile

  • Rockpile

  • Compost heap

  • Pond

  • Scruffy hedge

  • Trees