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The Gardening for Wildlife booklet has surpassed all our expectations.
It was originally just intended to go to each of the 850 households in
Dittisham, Capton, Blackawton, Cornworthy, Tuckenhay and Ashsprington.
Since we distributed those first copies, however, we’ve had a whole
series of different sustainability groups and parishes ask if they could
hand it out to households in their area. Each time we’ve made any little
changes they’ve requested, put their name on the front cover and given
them a master copy. So far just short of 10,000 copies have been printed
and distributed to households all over the South Hams and beyond. There
are also a number of other parishes who are sourcing funding to print it
at the moment and, extraordinarily, the most recent request to be
allowed to print it has come from Redington Frognall in North London!
We’ve had wonderful feedback from so many different people, including
one gardener who told us ‘I’ve been gardening for wildlife for years but
I still got loads of new ideas from your booklet.’

The Habitat Group have produced a Gardening for Wildlife booklet to give people simple ideas for how to make their garden more wildlife friendly. It deliberately has a very local focus, with the four parish names on the front where it has been distributed, and is aimed particularly at people who might never have thought of their garden as a refuge for wildlife. All the text has been written by members of the group and all the pictures are taken locally. This free booklet was delivered to every household (as best as we could ascertain) in the four parishes by volunteers.

Since it has gone out we've received very positive responses and also a lot of requests from other parishes and sustainability groups to be able to re-print it for their area. Since that first edition 4,300 copies have been printed so far for distribution across 15 parishes. We're delighted that its message gets spread far and wide and so if your group would like to print an edition for your area simply tell us how many copies you might want, we change the name on the cover to your village and make any changes you might need and get you a quote from the printers for free. Or, of course you can choose your own printer and we will provide you with the free print-ready file. If you decide to go ahead, get funding for the printing and go with our printer then you pay the printer directly and collect the booklets from them.

Alternatively you can simply scroll down through the entire booklet online below:

Gardening for Wildlife lo res dps ref.pdf