About the Habitat Group

The Habitat Group is a collection of people from different parishes in the South Hams who are concerned by the loss of our local biodiversity, but are convinced that we can help turn it around by creating wildlife friendly habitats. Whether it is a garden, a verge, a field or a windowbox, if we simply refrain from using pesticides and make our patch welcoming to wildlife, then nature quickly starts to move back in.

We’re working on our own gardens and fields and spreading ideas as far and as wide as we can of how we can reverse that loss. Whether it’s planting wildflowers, making ponds, feeding birds, creating log piles or simply not mowing our lawn so often, it’s all helping to turn the tide.

Our mission statement is “To improve the biodiversity of our parish and the surrounding areas through the gradual development of a variety of sustainable habitats” and that says it in a nutshell.

If you'd like to join the Habitat Group please email our coordinator John on: